ISM Code

International Safety Management (ISM) Code Safety Management Systems (SMS) satisfy Subchapter M requirements and are accepted by the USCG as approved Towing Safety Management Systems (TSMS) as per 46 CFR 138.225(a). Conley Marine Services provides the support that your company needs for ISM certification and compliance. We assess gaps in your current compliance, formulate a comprehensive compliance plan for your company, develop ISM manuals, forms and documents, train employees, implement the system and provide continued monitoring and maintenance. We relieve you of administrative burdens and make ISM compliance straightforward with minimal interference to vessel operations.

We look forward to joining you wherever you are on the road to compliance and helping you succeed. 

Gap Analysis

Complete compliance review of vessel(s) &/or in your management office to discover any areasof weakness or items to complete to be in compliance.

Compliance Assessment & Recommendations

Review of weaknesses or missing actions to be compliance, recommendations to take to complyor for Best Compliance Practice.

Development of Manuals, Plans, & Documentation

Develop and writes manuals, plans, and/or documents such as the Towing Vessel Safety Management System (TSMS) Manuals, Safety Policies and/or Procedures, Safety Checklistsand Forms, Towing Vessel Audit Checklists, Towing Vessel Survey Checklists, Vessel Security Plan(s), Fire Protection Plans, Vessel General Permit Plans, Non-Tank Vessel Response Plans, Ballast Water Management, and/or other compliance documentation.

Implementation Planning, Development

Detailed planning, tips, advisement, training for Company personnel and crew members to insure compliance action(s) are understood and properly carried out onboard your vessel(s) and/or in your Management Officefor required management systems.

Subchapter M Training

Offered for a group or one-on-one tutoring for shipboard or office management personnel eitheronboard your vessel(s), or in your management office. Training is available for area(s) of compliance weakness as pertaining to Subchapter M or other applicable regulatory areas.

Document Review

Review of your policies, procedures, TSMS Manual(s), Audit/Survey Programs, Forms, Checklists, & other Compliance Tools with suggestions and/or comments for improvement, to guarantee your documentation is carrying out all of the prescribed regulatory requirements.

Continued Maintenance & Support

Continual maintenance, record keeping, reporting, inspections, and other required items are completed for ongoing compliance, including monitoring and/or analysis of safety trends to insure the system is working as intended.

USCG Subchapter M Certificate of Inspection (COI) and Annual Exam Preparation

Oversight and assistance as you prepare and implement required policies and procedures to insure you're prepared for initial inspections or audits, and are prepared prior to future inspections.