International & Other Regulations

Conley Marine Services provides support services for vessels operating domestically and internationally to ensure compliance with security and environmental requirements such as ISPS, SOPEP, OSHA, VGP, SOLAS, Ballast Water Management, STCW, and Vessel Discharge Rules and Regulations.
  • Implementation & change management support
  • Support in certification processes through audit/survey/inspection/drill preparation, certification assistance, liaising with class societies
  • Document review for compliance
  • Gap Analysis of management, vessel(s), applicable manuals, plans, and documentation, and/or areas as requested
  • Recordkeeping, reporting, and liaising with regulatory bodies
  • Document review of applicable manuals, forms, checklists, and other compliance tools
  • Individual or group training for crew and/or shore side personnel conducted either onboard the vessel(s) or in the management office
  • Development of manuals, plans, and documentation (TSMS, Vessel Security, Fire Protection, VGP, Ballast Water Management, Emergency Preparedness drills and training)